Hall of Shame
This is the place where we post all of our MALWARE records.
Malware Contest !
*You can win a Brand New Wireless Mouse !
We reserve the right to be COMPUTER GEEKS
*Offer good only if Bay Area Computerman does the repair on the computer to remove the malware
   Viruses:      51,486 found on Greg Garrity's PC on 1-09-06
   Adware:     103,083 found on Darrel Cole's PC on 3-30-05
   Spyware:    23,690 found on Nathan Clegg's PC on 12-12-07
   Hijacks:      2123 found on Conner Dillard's PC on 2-01-06
If you beat a malware record you will be put in our

"Hall of Shame"
(Nothing to be proud of)
We will post your name, the date and the number of malware you had on
your computer.
*You will then recieve a free brand new wireless mouse!

We will even put you in our newsletter to help educate people in the
removal and prevention of malware.